To work close with the Malaysian government in caring out consumer education programmes to continuously maintain the stability and consistency in the marketplace. This is so for the Bureau also aims to protect the members and maintain a good quality of consumer practice in Malaysia. The Bureau encourages consumers to be actively involved in using their rights and power to attain justice in the marketplace. The Bureau also encourages consumers to be more proactive in protecting themselves from irresponsible entrepreneurs and dealers.

To provide training to the members through the exchanging of ideas and expertise concerning certain consumerism aspects in order to create more aware and responsible members. To publish magazines, books and pamphlets necessary for the Bureau as reading materials for the members in order to achieve its objectives with a consent from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

To assists consumers in knowing and understanding their rights, eg. the rights to attain basic needs and necessities, the rights to attain safety and protection, the rights to receive information, the rights to choose, the rights to express. The rights to receive refunds, the rights to obtain free consumer education and the rights to live in a healthy and safe environment. The Bureau also aims to act as a formal and informal intermediary for other institutions, organisations or associations with the same objectives and aims for matters relating to politics, economics, social or culture. In addition of that, the Bureau also intends to government or any authorities in matters concerning the interest of the members and to give a helping hand in the development of the political, economical, social and cultural growth.

To register food, health products, drinks, grocery, transportation and housing manufacturing companies nationwide in order for consumers to identify the manufacturing companies with good quality service, reasonably priced and excellent products.

To give awards and appreciation in the forms of certificates or medals to any company or manufacturer that conducts and provides a good service to the consumers.